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Backup FF setting

evertytime i changed to another version or another computer i must move the bookmark and saved password manually, is there any program to backup it?

By Abby | Via website

Recent Documents at Words 2007

i want to hide the list of recent documents when opening files from within Word 2007, because the computer for public and i dont want every people see what other people doing

By Ali | Via website

automatically bullet numbering on word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 automatically creates bulleted and numbered lists, and its service make me crazy cause i dont need it but it always automatically, how to stop it?

By Yoyok | Via website

metric on word 2007

since office 2007 have special menu different from the other, i never know how change the unit of measurement, do you have any clue?

By Dhani | Via website

Administrative Tools on windows 7

i'am frequently access Administrative Tools, on windows 7 it's to complex to open it, could you make it even easier access, provide a link directly from the right side of the Start Menu maybe?

tags : Windows
By Oik | Via website

start firefox with multiple pages

I often open the same set of webpages every day, i use firefox. Wish you could have tell me to open more than one homepage open every time i start the browser, each opened in a separate tab?

By Juki | Via website

winamp streaming

I use Winamp 5 to play streaming MP3 files from radio stations, sometimes the music playing stops for a few seconds (a buffer underrun). When this happens, Winamp 5 must re-buffer, or acquire, more of the song information from the Internet. Can you fix it?

By Ida | Via website

Changing Mouse Properties

While my son use the computer, he change everthing he like, sometimes i can't fix it, last time i saw the computer the mouse pointer always show a working glass like a working status. How can i fix like a normal again?

By Heru | Via website

read only file

When I went into any existing word or excel document and tried to change anything and save the document I couldn't because all of the previous files were changed to "read only" documents. I have no idea how all of the documents got changed to "read only".

By Gugun | Via website

Outlook Signature

I have noticed that on some e-mails that I receive people have their address or phone number and etc at the end of their e-mails. Is there a way to have this information always show up at the end of my e-mails with always having to type it in each time? I'm using Microsoft Outlook and I have XP.

By Caca | Via website
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