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error printer queue

when i'm print some document it says error, when i'm trying to delete a document in the queue of my printer, but I can't. It writes "deleting", but it never finishes, I've tried to cancel the same from the field of my printer but it doesn't disappear, restarting my computer, restarting the document, turning off the printer, unplugging the cables, still I can't. What else can I do?

By Eben | Via website

New Office, old bullets

I have just upgraded to Office 2007 but I cannot find the option to add bullets or numbers to a list inWord.

By Daniel | Via website

zip file

a friend has emailed me a Zip file. How do i open a Zip file? What is a .Zip file anyway?

By Dony | Via website

iso file

how to work with iso file? my friend send a copy of linux with this format, but nothing i can do with this format

By Zimbra | Via website

Finding the largest directories

in linux how to find the largest directories

tags : Linux
By Baron | Via website

factorial function

can you give me the example of factorial function in delphi?

By Banyan | Via website

largest file in linux

how to find the largest files in the hard-drive with more detail.

tags : Linux
By Alastair | Via website

Create shadow

how to create shadow in delphi?

By Camdyn | Via website

Finding the largest files in the hard-drive

how to find the largest files in the hard-drive in linux?

tags : Linux
By Afton | Via website

PageUp PageDown Home End keys don't work in Firefox

I just got the HOME, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN and END keys don't work on Firefox. I can't find another thing on the web besides yours. Did you find any solutions? Thanks.

By Darryl | Via website
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