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I recently bought a new computer that had Norton Anti Virus installed on it for free for 90 days.  
Well, the 90 days is just about up and I was wondering if I should subscribe to it or look around for another (possibly more affordable) program.
I am assuming that it is important to have some type of anti virus program.  Do you have any suggestions?

By Ami | Via website

Remember Password

i dont remember each password for secure web sites that, most of us just let the computer remember the password for me, all i see is a row of asterisks when i log on and eventually i no longer remember what the password actually is, can you help me remember the password that behind the asterix

By Ali | Via website


at office i need tools to convert units of distance and other, do you know software to convert all that things?

By Aji | Via website

Password Saving

Is there a better programs to use for passwords that does not contain spyware?

By Erwin | Via website

Dekstop Icon Folder

When my desktop is full with icons and I attempt to add another one, where does it go? Like, is there a second page of desktop icons? If so, how do I access it?

tags : Windows
By Budi | Via website

Delete temporary

I was trying to make some room on my computer and was deleting cookies and temp. Internet files.
Is it safe to delete everything in your C:\Windows\Temp folder? Some of the items there are years old and some are a few days old.

tags : Windows
By Edi | Via website

adobe reader upgrade

i just download adobe reader 8 and i still have acrobat reader 6 in my computer, do i need both or can i delete the older version?

By Eko | Via website

Affraid email with viruses

I'm not fully understand the e-mail system in Outlook Express, when i receive email from someone i don't know because i'm scared to open them because they might contain viruses, how i can read my email without contaminating my system?

By Adi | Via website

Save Interest Address

when i was surfing in internet, i found some interest website and i planned to visit again later, ussualy i write the address on paper or notepad at my computer, it need some time that i think not "right", what you think with that?

By Andi | Via website

Print Area

Is there a way to enlarge the print on the screen, or when you receive an e-mail so it will be easier to read. Any help will be appreciated.

By Anna | Via website
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