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I have noticed that on some e-mails that I receive people have their address or phone number and etc at the end of their e-mails. Is there a way to have this information always show up at the end of my e-mails with always having to type it in each time? I'm using Microsoft Outlook and I have XP.

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Affraid email with viruses

I'm not fully understand the e-mail system in Outlook Express, when i receive email from someone i don't know because i'm scared to open them because they might contain viruses, how i can read my email without contaminating my system?

By Adi | Via website

Print Area

Is there a way to enlarge the print on the screen, or when you receive an e-mail so it will be easier to read. Any help will be appreciated.

By Anna | Via website

Outlook Express Attachment

My Outlook Express can not receive any attachments, how could it be? and how to make it works as normal?

By Dikky | Via website

free email without virus

is there any free email provider which given virus protection as their free service?

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restore address book

i want to reinstall my computer, but there are many address book on my computer, how i copy them?

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