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Leopard problem

My iMac, which I upgraded to Snow Leopard, now has intermittent problems with USB devices. Memory sticks and other USB peripherals sometimes vanish from the Desktop, whether connected directly to a port on the iMac or via a hub. However, once they have vanished, disconnecting them results in a ‘disk was not ejected properly’ alert. On other occasions, trying the open the volume results in a spinning beachball cursor freeze, forcing me to switch off its power before starting it up again. Is this a problem in Snow Leopard?

tags : Hadware
By Henderson | Via website

error printer queue

when i'm print some document it says error, when i'm trying to delete a document in the queue of my printer, but I can't. It writes "deleting", but it never finishes, I've tried to cancel the same from the field of my printer but it doesn't disappear, restarting my computer, restarting the document, turning off the printer, unplugging the cables, still I can't. What else can I do?

By Eben | Via website

Changing Mouse Properties

While my son use the computer, he change everthing he like, sometimes i can't fix it, last time i saw the computer the mouse pointer always show a working glass like a working status. How can i fix like a normal again?

By Heru | Via website

read only file

When I went into any existing word or excel document and tried to change anything and save the document I couldn't because all of the previous files were changed to "read only" documents. I have no idea how all of the documents got changed to "read only".

By Gugun | Via website

Can't hear any sound from computer

In some days ago we has lost all of the sound.  I can't get the sound back. How to make it "ring" again?

By Wiwik | Via website
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