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maximizing windows

i'm using mozilla firefox, sometimes i work with another application that some window in cascade vertical, and after that i must maximize some another. How can i create a keyboard shortcut for maximizing a window?

By Robert | Via website

Shoping online

I want to return a mobile phone I ordered online but the Ebay seller will not take it back and give me a refund. Should I complain to Ebay?

By Prescott | Via website

plain text

sometimes i can't send an email to my discussion group, and i ask to moderator then he answer that every email in html format always reject and he ask me to use plain text in order to send any message to my discussion group. what is the difference between it?

By Jeffrey | Via website

start firefox with multiple pages

I often open the same set of webpages every day, i use firefox. Wish you could have tell me to open more than one homepage open every time i start the browser, each opened in a separate tab?

By Juki | Via website

winamp streaming

I use Winamp 5 to play streaming MP3 files from radio stations, sometimes the music playing stops for a few seconds (a buffer underrun). When this happens, Winamp 5 must re-buffer, or acquire, more of the song information from the Internet. Can you fix it?

By Ida | Via website

Outlook Signature

I have noticed that on some e-mails that I receive people have their address or phone number and etc at the end of their e-mails. Is there a way to have this information always show up at the end of my e-mails with always having to type it in each time? I'm using Microsoft Outlook and I have XP.

By Caca | Via website

Remember Password

i dont remember each password for secure web sites that, most of us just let the computer remember the password for me, all i see is a row of asterisks when i log on and eventually i no longer remember what the password actually is, can you help me remember the password that behind the asterix

By Ali | Via website

Affraid email with viruses

I'm not fully understand the e-mail system in Outlook Express, when i receive email from someone i don't know because i'm scared to open them because they might contain viruses, how i can read my email without contaminating my system?

By Adi | Via website

Save Interest Address

when i was surfing in internet, i found some interest website and i planned to visit again later, ussualy i write the address on paper or notepad at my computer, it need some time that i think not "right", what you think with that?

By Andi | Via website

Print Area

Is there a way to enlarge the print on the screen, or when you receive an e-mail so it will be easier to read. Any help will be appreciated.

By Anna | Via website
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