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maximizing windows

i'm using mozilla firefox, sometimes i work with another application that some window in cascade vertical, and after that i must maximize some another. How can i create a keyboard shortcut for maximizing a window?

By Robert | Via website

Shoping online

I want to return a mobile phone I ordered online but the Ebay seller will not take it back and give me a refund. Should I complain to Ebay?

By Prescott | Via website

start firefox with multiple pages

I often open the same set of webpages every day, i use firefox. Wish you could have tell me to open more than one homepage open every time i start the browser, each opened in a separate tab?

By Juki | Via website

Remember Password

i dont remember each password for secure web sites that, most of us just let the computer remember the password for me, all i see is a row of asterisks when i log on and eventually i no longer remember what the password actually is, can you help me remember the password that behind the asterix

By Ali | Via website

Save Interest Address

when i was surfing in internet, i found some interest website and i planned to visit again later, ussualy i write the address on paper or notepad at my computer, it need some time that i think not "right", what you think with that?

By Andi | Via website

Print Favorites Website

i have so many favorites websites that i saved on browser, sometimes i want to print all my favorites, how could it be?

By Aris | Via website
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