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New Office, old bullets

I have just upgraded to Office 2007 but I cannot find the option to add bullets or numbers to a list inWord.

There are a couple of ways to create a list with bullets or numbers. The closest to old versions ofWord is to use the bullet or number icons in the Paragraph section of the Home tab. Either click on the main part of the icon to start a list with the default format or click on the small downwards pointing arrow to select a style from the list. It is even possible to create your own style by clicking on the Define newbullet or Define new number format options at the bottomof these lists.
A quicker alternative is to take advantage of the Autoformat option inWord and start typing in away that it recognises as being a list. Start a newline and type an asterisk followed by a space andWord should automatically convert it to a bullet point. To start a numbered list replace the asterisk with 1.
When the change happens a small icon will appear just to the left of the newlist with a picture of a lightning bolt. Click on this to undo the change if you did not want to start a newlist. You are not limited to the default list style. Right-click on the bullet or number and move the mouse over theNumbering or Bullets entry in the menu to see more options.

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