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Requires Elevation

i have a new pc, while trying to install microsoft office 2003 on my pc i receive an error message stating "Requires Elevation". What does that mean and how do I continue the Office 2003 install?

"Requires Elevation" is a symptom of the increased security measures that have been implemented in windows vista or windows 7. It's mean you confirming that you are the administrator of the system. In other words, "Requires Elevation" is a part of what's called "User Access Control" or UAC. In many cases the "Requires Elevation" message box will include a "Continue" button. If you click that you'll be asked to enter the system administrator password, and the program - Office Setup in your case - will be granted the higher level of security privileges it needs so it can proceed. The final solution is to turn off UAC, it comes with some lower privilege level by default.

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