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iso file

how to work with iso file? my friend send a copy of linux with this format, but nothing i can do with this format

this is easy, as long as you know one key fact: the process of burning an iso file to disc is not the same as burning any other document or file to a cd or dvd. if you try to burn it to disc in the usual way you will end up with a disc that contains the iso file, still as a single file but store on disc. instead you need to use a program that unpacks everything from the iso file and burns the contents to a disc. if you have commercial disc burning tool, such as those made by nero and roxio, it should be able to do this: look for an option labelled 'disc image', 'from disc image' or similar. if you don't have such a program then dont worry because there are freeware, one of them called active iso burner. if you have a mac computer disc utility can burn iso files to a disc easily

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