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maximizing windows

i'm using mozilla firefox, sometimes i work with another application that some window in cascade vertical, and after that i must maximize some another. How can i create a keyboard shortcut for maximizing a window?

By Robert | Via website

Leopard problem

My iMac, which I upgraded to Snow Leopard, now has intermittent problems with USB devices. Memory sticks and other USB peripherals sometimes vanish from the Desktop, whether connected directly to a port on the iMac or via a hub. However, once they have vanished, disconnecting them results in a ‘disk was not ejected properly’ alert. On other occasions, trying the open the volume results in a spinning beachball cursor freeze, forcing me to switch off its power before starting it up again. Is this a problem in Snow Leopard?

tags : Hadware
By Henderson | Via website

Hibernate Windows

I have lost the option for hibernation onmy laptop in the shutdownmenu and in the power options for closing the lid.Howdo I get it back? I am runningWindows XP.

By Wynton | Via website

How to create PDF file

sometimes i must send document in pdf format, but i just have acrobat reader, do you have any sugestion to create file pdf?

By Archer | Via website

Shoping online

I want to return a mobile phone I ordered online but the Ebay seller will not take it back and give me a refund. Should I complain to Ebay?

By Prescott | Via website

plain text

sometimes i can't send an email to my discussion group, and i ask to moderator then he answer that every email in html format always reject and he ask me to use plain text in order to send any message to my discussion group. what is the difference between it?

By Jeffrey | Via website

Windows Sidebar

I use Vista. Windows Sidebar annoyed me and i was often turned off almost immediately. but what if i want it back?

By chevy | Via website

Requires Elevation

i have a new pc, while trying to install microsoft office 2003 on my pc i receive an error message stating "Requires Elevation". What does that mean and how do I continue the Office 2003 install?

By Corry | Via website

default font word 2007

since i'm upgrade microsoft office to 2007 version, i had default font is calibri, everytime i use word 2007 first step i'm doing is change the font, have you any idea to change it to another font so i can use it instantly

By Deandra | Via website

random text at word 2007

sometimes i need random text at office, in excel i can do it, but is there any command or something to use random in word? i'm using word 2007, maybe you can help me

By Henry | Via website
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